Type 2 Pigtail 3x16a Tesla napilla
Type 2 Pigtail 3x16a Tesla napilla
Type 2 Pigtail 3x16a Tesla napilla

Type 2 Pigtail 3x16a Tesla napilla

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This charging cable has the Type 2 female connector on one end of the cable, and an open end at the other end. This cable can be used in tethered charging stations, specifically those used for Tesla vehicles.

This pigtail has the Tesla Chargeport functionality, a seamlessly integrated waterproof button on the vehicle-side Type 2 connector, allowing you to open the chargeport,  start and stop charging your Tesla or unlock the cable, without the need to enter the car first, or look for the keyfob. This is a unique feature found only on EVChargeKing cables!

The cable release of course only works when the car's keyfob is around! The cable will not unlock when the car's keyfob is not in the vincinity (same as at the superchargers).

The cable has 5 x 2.5mm² conductors, allowing 3 x 16A current, which represents a charging capacity of 11 Kw.

Connectors Type 2 female on vehicle side with integrated Tesla command button, open end at the other side.
Cable 3 - phase, 5 x 2.5mm² + 0.75mm², max electric power: 3 x 16A (11 kW charging capability) 
Color Blue / Black

Don't forget to choose the right length when ordering! When the charging point is on the other side of the car's chargeport, you really need a minimum of 4 meter to be safe.

Attention: You cannot connect a blue or red commando plug  to this pigtail and charge from a commando socket. It can only be used in combination with a charging station!This pigtail also is not a standard replacement for the cable used in the Tesla Wallchargers, it can be used for that purpose but you need to perform a few extra steps, see this forum post: Change Charging Cable of Tesla Wall Connector